Bookworming – Jan./Feb. 2k17

Before I begin this post properly I’d like to tell you all a fun little story.

As you all know from my previous posts (and my About page, and Instagram account, and my Twitter – and probably my Pinterest boards as well), I am an avid writer and reader. For that matter, most of the time when I start writing a new story, be it a short story, a novel, fanfiction – hmmm – or whatever I feel like writing, there’s also one of my characters who ends up being a book worm, and consequently owning a book store. Yes, maybe it is my hidden dream to one day own my little second hand book shop with a café in the back, but that’s not the point right now, let’s focus on me being a book worm since I was a kid.

At one time last year I wrote a character named Athena Cheshire, a faerie with feline shapeshifting abilities and very much in love with a man with two natures: a Viking man, and a demon. Athena is to this day one of my favorite characters to write and as I was going through a very rough period with my reading habits, Tea – as I call my child – helped me fire up an old flame as I decided to make her the owner of a book shop – Hardcover Madness.

See where I’m getting at?

I will admit I have no idea where I’m going with this blog yet but one thing I know – if I write today it is because of how much I’ve read since I first learned how to and my parents bought me a “Turma da Mônica” comic book. Which, by the way, is the best thing ever and I pity all you people who were born outside Brazil and never got the chance to read it. So one thing I will be doing here is sharing my monthly readings with you all. It’s both a way to spread more and more culture, and keep up with my own habit that has been damaged in the past five years (college is a bitch).

So let’s get to my January/February list!


Since it’s already the end of the month and I’ve read three whole books already (I’ll be making proper reviews soon enough), I decided to do both months at once. Here we go:

1) The Girl On the Train, by Paula Hawkins.

That was my first book this year and it was also the first on a long list Antonia, one of my best friends, and I made together. If you haven’t heard of the book you most definitely heard of the movie and as someone who did the other way around I plead: READ THE BOOK FIRST. I know, this is a rule, and I broke it, so don’t do as I did. Everything will be a lot more surprising to you and more philosophical as well. But don’t skip the movie! Emily Blunt is a freaking genius in her acting and there’s no such thing as enough Luke Evans in one’s life. Go check the trailer here!

2) Under the Knife, by Tess Gerritsen.

If you have read anything else by her, any of the Rizzoli & Isles books, I will tell you right now to never touch this book. Don’t do it, ignore its existence. If you haven’t read anything by Tess, maybe go for it without any big expectations and then move on to the more recent ones to surprise yourself and fall in love. If you’re a fan of police novels with a romantic twist – which I am not – also go for it, the ending is rather surprising after all. Bad book or not, Tess is still one of my favorite authors and Stephen King loves her, so gotta respect the Titan.

3) A Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket.

Aka the first book of the Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s my second time reading it and if you haven’t read them, any of them, please do. Those books are masterpieces in a roll, work of art in its finest and do not make the mistake of deeming them as children’s books. They’re not. Go read them all, watch the movie and yes, watch the Netflix version as well. Jim Carrey was the true Count Olaf, but the show captures the essence of the books beautifully. Plus I absolutely love Patrick Warburton’s voice. And his existence.

Now for the ones I either reading or haven’t read yet:

4) Warcraft, by Christie Golden.

The novelization of the movie’s script. I will admit I’m not a WOW player, never even tried it, but I will also admit I have a very healthy passion for Travis Fimmel. Meaning: when I saw his face on a poster, I freaked out and watched the movie twice in the movies and about four times at home. According to my brother (shoutout, you nerd) the book and movie tell the stories of the first version of the game, before the entire war between humans and orcs started, how it began and the truth behind it. I pretty much enjoyed the movie, Travis aside, and so far read about twenty percent of the book: very well adapted and the description of the character’s expressions is superb. Anduin even twitches like Travis Does.

5) The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and Gods of Argard, #1), by Rick Riordan.

The first book of another series the mythology bae Rick Riordan has ventured himself with. I swear to God, this man reads my thoughts and after making my teenage self explode with love for Percy Jackson and his underwater-breathing father, he gives me a child that is Viking to the bone. Nine percent read, I’m not sure I’m truly enjoying it, but it feels like Magnus is a mixture of all of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons in one kid. An extra side of Hvirtsek. If you like Norse mythology and teenagers getting beat up by fire giants and wolves, go ahead, my friend. Ignore Magnus and his “Harry on the fifth book” attitude and you’ll be fine.

6) The Mist of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

To add in to all the fantastic atmosphere, I’ve added this HUGE book to the list and I’m keeping it as the last for the bimestral period, but might add some more. I’m going to a very important spiritual phase, been reading a lot on witches and molding some personal projects around their history so starting this book will mean a lot to me. I’ve been meaning to read it since forever, my mom has always spoke highly of it, the movie is splendid and I got high expectations for it so it better be as good as people say it is! If you haven’t watched the movie, go do it right now!

And that’s it for the next month! I do have a feeling I’ll be reading some more and I’ll add it in on the next post along with my March list. Make sure you go check them out, read them all, watch movie or television versions if they exist and please let me know your opinion on the comment section bellow!

Don’t forget to leave me some suggestions as well, I’ll be gladly adding them to the future lists!



PS: Athena lives happily in her bookshop, trotting around town in her cat form and hissing at anyone who approaches her Viking demon. Faes are tricky creatures, let me tell you..